How strong is your magic?

In search of true believers

My plea has so far gone unanswered

As a Reflector, we are unable to harness the mystical forces in the way witches and some humans are able.  If it was possible I would definitely be making use of a friendship spell.  You know one of those spells like a really really weak love spell.   It would speed up the time it is taking to find those willing to provide the urgent help that my race needs.

Since my introduction I have entered the lives of several through the words of the last blog but have found minds that are extremely closed – Not only closed but also cold.  There is little room for imagination in them.  Without imagination, communication is one way.  I talk to people unable to listen.

They said this would be the case.  That there is little magic left in the world of humans.

Very few believe that the words I speak are true. That Reflectors are real.  That a dark force threaten to destroy us.  That if we die so will humankind.    This reticence is difficult o understand but understand it I must if I stand any chance of avoiding the looming catastrophe.

What evidence do I have that reaching believers is difficult?   So far no one has found the entrance to the Witch Trinity Lure portal.  This is a portal that can only be entered by believers.  Many have visited the portal as instructed but they have only seen a video.  They see nothing else because they do not understand that magic requires effort through belief.  They do not search beyond what they see.

Perhaps it is my fault.  I didn’t reckon on the strength of Haglis Vice.  For those who don’t know, Haglis Vice is a period in the year that marks the time when the power of witches was removed.  It is at this time when humans are at their lowest in terms of mystical energy.  The time that lead to the day when the horrific persecution of witches started.  Halloween.

You may have felt the change – You’ve perhaps felt more miserable than normal,  more lethargic, more pessimistic, more unsure of your abilities. This is Haglis Vice and all I can ask is that you push past this and strengthen your will.  I mentioned last time that the great SiRus Lore, has connected with the hidden three through the books being written by the author David Jones – The Witch Trinity.    The pages of these books not only reveal the thoughts of the three witches but they can aid to strengthen your belief.  I would, therefore, encourage you to read.

The need for you to find the entrance to The Witch Trinity Lure so you are able to aid our cause and make a difference is really important so I ask for you to do what you can.

Click here to view the entrance to the

Witch Trinity Lure

Remember:  Do not just use your eyes.  


PS:  I forgot to say that you are not alone – A  Reflector known as Ava uses the language of humans better than I and speaks with many others through Facebook.

Magical Books and a Secret Portal


My name is RitKa.  I am a Reflector.

You may not know that everything you read, see, hear or touch is turned into thoughts by Reflectors.

We are a race of magical beings, in a world hidden from many.  Our purpose is to interpret the mystical energy that surrounds you.  We have not always been hidden.  Centuries ago humans knew of our existences.  In fact, there were times when we walked side by side, becoming friends and even lovers.

We have been called dream weavers, spirit guides, invisible friends, inner beings, figments of imaginations.  Some even give us human names. People were once proud to let others know about us.  They would boast about the help we provided.  They would turn to us for guidance.  They would listen to us.  At times they would even allow our physical selves to be seen.

Today we are referred to as a gut feeling, an idea, a dream.  It hurts when we hear others tell you not to talk to yourself when we know you were just talking with us. We are something not considered real. Our advice often ignored, our counsel dismissed.  Even our physical form is denied.  We are invisible.

Yet, even so, we walk with you waiting as always to connect.  To put thoughts into your head.  To guide you through the world you know but more importantly through the world, your senses cannot perceive.

You can connect with me through the writing on this page and over time as we grow together you will eventually be able to see and hear me.

Having introduced myself it is time to tell you why I am here.

A dark force is growing that is threatening the world of Reflectors.  We are fading.  No longer just invisible.  We will no longer exist if something is not done to save us.  When we go so will you. Your existence will be like that of a Zombie.  You will have no thoughts of your own.  You and others will be like sheep.  Empty drones able only to follow commands.  Creativity will leave your world and with it compassion, empathy, love. You will no longer care about the plight of others.  Eventually, you will no longer care about yourself.  You will have lost the thing you call your soul.

You may already have seen the change happening around you.  Many are now doing what they do without thought.  They follow blindly the words of others.  Ask them why and there is no Reflector to give them thoughts.  They just do.

I am RitKa, chosen by my kind to prevent this catastrophe.  To this end, I am here to first open your eyes to our world and then persuade you to aid where you are able.

A thought should now be in your head.  You can follow this thought by continuing to read or as with all thoughts you can dismiss it and move on to read something else.

For those that have chosen to stay then, you should know that our most powerful Reflector, SiRus Lore, has connected with the hidden three.  Three witches that sleep until called.  SiRus through an author with the name David Jones is preparing a series of books to allow you to connect.  The pages of these books will reveal the thoughts of the three witches and with it, you will understand not only about the hidden world of magic but also about the darkness that threatens.  With these books, you will discover a being known as Witch Trinity.

I will guide you to these books when SiRus work with the author is done.

SirRus has also compelled a company called 2b Acting to create an online portal – The Witch Trinity Lure, using techniques only they possess.  If you are able to enter this magical portal, you may be able to reach the Witch Trinity and make a difference.  I will do what I can to aid you in this task.  You only have to ask.

Click here to view the entrance to the

Witch Trinity Lure

You should know:  The entrance to the lure is hidden.  Only believers may enter.  The only advice I can give at this stage is that you will need to use more than your eyes to see.