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Witch Trinity – The ancient ones – Witches – week 10

Witch Trinity

Witch Trinity is power, the magical balance between life and death, controlled by the three most powerful Witches – Delf, Shorn and Serena. A magical story waiting to be told.


To tell the tale of the ancient ones in a way that can be understood it is first necessary for us to look at those we call witches. A reminder from what I said in a previous blog, was that the super humans that used the power of Gaia to keep the earth alive by controlling the balance of life and death needed to spread their powers to others to help control the growing population. The term, Witch then came from people often asking WHICH one among us has the power, as only specially selected individuals were chosen to be witches. As agents of GAIA (or Mother Nature, if you prefer) it is difficult to see how even in today’s world Witches are perceived as evil. Their publicity is not good and they are mainly portrayed as the bad guys in television shows, movies, and books. But witchcraft is not evil and not used for evil. Witches are just beings, that to a greater or lesser extent, possess supernatural abilities and can perform rituals and spells that produce results, which are extraordinary.

Where then did the myth that witches are evil come from? Well, the blame can be attributed to those known as the ancient ones. These were the first nine human individuals that were granted powers.

“Three Rings for the Eleven-kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.”
—J.R.R. Tolkien’s epigraph to The Lord of The Rings

I like to think that J.R.R Tolkien’s reference to the nine mortal men selected as ring bearers in his Lord of the Rings fable was a reference to the nine ancient ones selection.

However, there was nothing dark about them at all. In truth, Gaia ensured that each of the ancient ones nature was the purest amongst humans and the magic they received gave them a spirit, which we would today liken to being like Angels. The extent of their goodness and understanding in dealing with ordinary humans was there down fall as they failed over the centuries to recognise the corruption growing around them. They were unaware that they became puppets in the political scheming between ordinary humans at all levels and that in the background they were being used to serve unjust causes and support those that lusted after earthly gain.

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Witch Trinity – Hidden – week 9

Witch Trinity is power, the magical balance between life and death, controlled by the three most powerful Witches – Delf, Shorn and Serena.  A magical story waiting to be told.



 Hidden – week 9

Having found the three Witches, Delf, Shorn and Serena, destined to become the Witch Trinity, the next problem Gaia faced was how to keep them hidden from the humans that remained set on destroying all magical beings.  The forgetting spell that Gaia placed in the water would take tens of years before the humans stop believing in magic and killing Witches and a further, more difficult problem was that the Witches whose powers Gaia planned to transfer to the Witch Trinity would stop at nothing to regain their magical abilities. 


Gaia’s solution was for the Witch Trinity to sleep until called.  Sleeping meant that the Witch Trinity would exist in spiritual form only and when awoken fully would take human form in three female bodies.  In these bodies when fully awoken the Witch Trinity once linked would wield their corrective powers, for some this meant death but for many others it meant life and the life of the planet.


In spiritual form the magic of the Witch Trinity is protected and cannot be detected or used by any other – It is hidden.  In physical form the Witch Trinity is at risk.  Over the centuries, the forgetting spell has worked on humans and the majority no longer believe in magic or witches and therefore pose no danger but this is not the same for the ancient ones. 


The Hag spell that Gaia used to create the Witch Trinity was detected and tapped and the ancient ones were left with a means to draw residual power from other witches.  This meant that over time they became stronger as they searched and found witches on which to feed.  It also meant that as the ancient ones got stronger they could detect the Witch Trinity when in human form and with the right spell could ultimately take back their powers and more – powers enough to rival even that of Gaia.


This meant that on each awakening of the Witch Trinity they had to spend as little time as possible in human form and to further keep them hidden the three where kept apart coming together only at the required moment when the Witch Trinity magic was needed.



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Witch Trinity – The Chosen – week 8

Witch Trinity is power, the magical balance between life and death, controlled by the three most powerful Witches – Delf, Shorn and Serena. A magical story waiting to be told.

The Chosen – week 8

Despite much opposition the Hag Witch found the three supreme Witches that would provide the magic needed to become the Witch Trinity.

The first – DELF.

We all have an idea of what an elf (plural elves) is from mythology. Elves are a race of divine beings endowed with magical powers. What many don’t know (although it was hinted at in Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’) is that there are a few special elves known as Divine Elves. A divine Elf (shortened to DELF) is an immortal Witch and it is this primary magic that would ensure the life of the Witch Trinity remained for all time. The other magical attribute of a DELF is purity making her the perfect vessel to hold the unlimited power to end life.

The second – SHORN

Among the Mapuche people of South America, the community “shaman”, usually a woman, known as the Machi, serves the community by performing ceremonies to cure diseases, ward off evil, influence the weather, and heal using herbalism. The greatest linage of Shaman is found in the Peruvian Amazon Basin and north coastal regions of the country and these mighty healers are known as Curanderos, whose ancestors are descendents of the great healing Witch SHORN. Shorn is a curanderos, perhaps the most gifted and her abilities the key reason why she was chosen. As a natural healer she had the virtues to hold the power or life.

The Third – SERENA

The ancient Chinese subscribe to the concept called ‘Yin Yang’ which is a belief that two complimentary forces exist in the universe and a balance of both is necessary and highly desirable. There are many other concepts, myths and legends that talk about life balance which perfectly describes SERENA’s part in the Witch Trinity.
Serena’s name comes from the word Serenity which translates to tranquility, peacefulness, stillness and is the result of harmony in achieving the right life balance.

The Witch Trinity is one when SERENA joins DELF and SHORN. When this occur the Witch Trinity power is unlimited and unless controlled the earth and everything on it would be endangered.

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Witch Trinity – Creation? – week 7

Witch Trinity is power, the magical balance between life and death, controlled by the three most powerful Witches – Delf, Shorn and Serena. A magical story waiting to be told.

Creation? – week 7

Every act of creation is first an act of destruction. This is a quote attributed to Pablo Picasso and in the case of Gaia’s decision to create the Witch Trinity it was very true, as it involved taking power from the many and transferring it to the few. Three to be exact.

Gaia’s idea was to create a single being that could be awoken when needed to do the work of the Witches in regulating the life blood of the planet – the humans. The Hag Witch therefore had to find the three Witches whose powers when combined would provide the vessel needed to hold the Witch Trinity. However, finding the right Witches with the required mix of magical attributes was not simple, especially when the search had to be conducted with the utmost secrecy.

Change is as continuous as time. You cannot stop one without stopping the other. This is an indisputable fact and it was this fundamental law that those that fought Gaia’s intention to create the Witch Trinity had to accept. Losing the powers that gave you purpose was not an answer many of them understood especially when they had to endure the persecution of those whose lives the sacrifice they were asked to make would save. It was simple therefore to gather opposition to Gaia’s plan and this gave rise to secret Witch covens – places where small groups of trusted Witches would meet to combine their powers in an attempt to locate and destroy any Witch that could be the vessel. These covens where know as dark due to secrecy surrounding how they functioned and the methods they used to recruit new witches to their cause. The label dark was also attributed to the propaganda they promoted for they knew that many Witches really didn’t understand why Gaia had turned against them.

As with all things, a balance emerged with those that knew that Gaia’s plan had to succeed for the sake of the planet and so opposing covens were created and used to evoke spells to provide the protection the Hag needed as she searched for the Witches.

The dark covens became very powerful and many Witches suffered in their attempts to prevent the Hag from finding the Witches yet, with the aid of the protective covens, find them she did.

In the next blog we introduce the three Witches found by the Hag.

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Witch Trinity – The vessel? – week 6

Witch Trinity is the magical balance between life and death and is controlled by Delf, Shorn and Serena. Their story will enthral and shake your world.

 Witch Trinity – The vessel?  – week 6


John Emerich Edward Dalberg once said that  “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” – Unfortunately this statement applied to the superhuman beings known as Witches whose role in our lives was to use magic to ensure that people (the blood of the planet) was controlled and functioned correctly to keep the planet alive.


It was perhaps true that the humans provoked the Witches when we turned against them and started persecuting them (


We were however fortunate that the number of the dark Witches that wanted to use their powers to destroy the humans was countered by those that knew that this action would result in the death of the planet (Gaia).  Great wars were fought between the two factions and if left unchecked would have resulted in the same outcome of a planet destroyed.


Gaia solved the problems of the humans hate for witches with a forgetting spell placed in the water.  This spell meant that as humans consumed the essential element of water that bound them to the planet their belief in magic diminished. 


To solve the crisis with the Witches however required a different approach.  Gaia needed to leave the Witches with the power to control the humans so destroying them all was not an option and they knew this.  It was the Witch they called Hag that came up with the answer. Hag was a special Witch that controlled the aging of humans and was better known as the witch with three faces.  The truth was she had only one face but had three minds in one body so she could relate and understand the very young, those of middle age and the very old.  Her ability to hide these personas, even from Witches, was the magic that gave birth to the idea of the Witch Trinity.


Gaia with the aid of the Hag created a spell that would absorb the power of death, life and the balancing power from all the Witches and hide these inside a vessel called the Witch Trinity.   In this way the power of Witches would continue to exist but remain hidden from the humans.  It also made it easier to control the use of the Witches power so it would be used only when required.  The final advantage was the factions would no longer fight as sharing the Hag like vessel meant the three powers would always act as one.  It was a perfect solution with just one flaw.  It would create the most powerful being that ever lived.  A power that if not controlled could rival even that of the gods. 


Creating this new being was not going to be easy for a number of reasons and is the subject of the next blog.


Next blog – Creating the Witch Trinity.

Witch Trinity – The war of the Roses? – week 5

Witch Trinity is the magical balance between life and death and is controlled by Delf, Shorn and Serena. Their story will enthral and shake your world.


The war of the Roses?  – week 5


They say that history is written by the victors and in the case of the well known ‘War of the Roses’ I am going to use it as an example to show how true this is and how this and other noted events in our history have been altered to shield us from the truth of the Witch Trinity.


The known story of the War of the Roses can be discovered with a click on Google and will tell you that in English history (1455–85) the name was given to a series of dynastic bloody civil wars fought between the Houses of Lancaster and York for the English throne.  However, you will find it hard to find out with any true accuracy why the badges of the contending parties: the white rose of York and the red of Lancaster came to be used.


The Witch Trinity answer to this mystery is that this war marked the start of a 200 year fight between the white witches (because of the white light that radiated from them during times of high magic) witches and the dark forces (whose colour red depicted the blood they spilled).  The rose was used by both set of witches to turn the hearts of men to fight on their behalf – with the smell, prick of a finger or just sheer beauty.  The methods of recruitment were various and as an example the tradition for Roses to be given as a gift was one of the techniques and continues even in these times.


The reason for the war was that the dark witches did not like or accept Gaia intervention, to halt the humans’ witch hunting obsession.  They wanted to rule the humans and not be forced to hide their powers away. 


Many Witch wars followed this war and so did the persecutions.


The history of witch persecutions is nicely documented on the attached website


Gaia had to do more that make the humans forget and the only answer was to remove the powers from the witches and somehow retain a way for it to be called on when required to regulate the life blood of the planet. 


The answer was the birth of Witch Trinity and this is the start of next week’s blog.



Next blog – The birth of Witch Trinity.







Witch Trinity – The Birth of Witches – week 4

Witch Trinity is the magical balance between life and death and is controlled by Delf, Shorn and Serena. Their story will enthral and shake your world.

The Birth of Witches – week 4

There was a time in the past when everyone believed in magic. The reason was that most leaders were magical beings or were counselled by magical beings such as the mystical Merlin that we have all heard of.

These were the superhumans that used the power of Gaia to keep the earth alive by controlling the balance of life and death i.e. people which are the earths life blood. The was achieved with major death changes being regulated by what we consider natural disasters such as earth quakes and hurricane storms and minor changes by wars and crusades. The deaths were balanced against good economic growth from improved farming, migration to new lands and new technologies leading to the necessary levels of population increase.

The earth flourished and subsequently it became necessary for the magical leaders to spread their powers to others to help manage the larger number of people needed to be controlled – the term, Witch (This came from people often asking WHICH one among us have the power), was used for the specially selected beings that were given powers.

In the beginning the humans were content to be controlled by witches but over time they began to resent and reject those selected. A time of persecution started and the history books documents the two hundred plus years where they were hunted, captured, tortured and in many cases killed in the most brutal way.

The witches with the power of death faired better than those with the power of life when the humans turned against them as it was easy to kill their hunters. This however was not at all good for the earth as the balance between life and death was no longer possible and the earth began to die.

Gaia had to intervene. Halting the humans witch hunting obsession was easy with a forgetting spell placed in the water. This made humans no longer believe in magic, witchcraft or witches as they drank, effecting some much more than others – A reason why children believes in magic but as they drink more they forget more until they forget all together when they become adults.

Dealing with the dark witches however was not as simple for now that they had a taste of real power they wanted more.

A time of war between dark and white witches began and we will talk more about this in the next blog.

Next blog – The war of the Roses?


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