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The good always cares…

My Hope

I had hoped that many would have begun the quest before the darkness became aware.   However, it matters not, as their words of despair, humiliation and hopelessness only matter to those that are already dark.   For those that walk in the light, they will always care.  It is those individuals I call on.  It is those individuals that can push back the evil barbs formed by the dark.  It is those individuals that can repair this world and save ours.

My Concern

Yet, I am concerned to know that my folly has revealed the work of SiRus Lore perhaps too early.   It is important for the quest for you to understand the world of Witch Trinity and therefore do not be dissuaded by the dark in seeking out the first Witch Trinity book.  We are looking at ways to ensure the negativity the darkness will evidently spread will not halt its discovery.

My Inspiration

Yes, the darkness has muddled the minds of many that visit the Witch Trinity Lure so they see no more than a video.  Few search for the portal – They believe they only watch a video and do nothing more. Yet things are changing.   A ‘Quester’ has not only found the portal but completed the first challenge.  What many said was impossible has been done.   What many said would have taken months has happened in weeks.  It is this magical ability that the humans possess.  To constantly do what cannot be done.  This is the reason why we look to humans to fight the dark.  This is why I am inspired to continue my plea.  This is why I know our race will be saved.  More is needed to take on the quest so there are enough to ensure the end goal is eventually reached.

My Warning

The festive season is upon us – The dark will use avarice to distract you.  They will entertain you with trinkets and baubles. They will do what they can to dampen any belief you have that does not enrich the blackness of our times – Increase your debt, your greed, your dislike of others, your want of what you cannot have or do not deserve.    They will attack your health, wealth and happiness. Set you against friends and even family.  A time of joy for many will be turned into misery.

Hold strong if you can.  Take the quest and strengthen your belief in you.  In this way, you can overcome the dark and enjoy the pleasures of this joyous time.


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Oh, and a message for those whose hearts and minds remain with the darkness and negativity of life.  Last time I was told to give up – that the game was over for my race.  Only the dark believes in the words game over.  For them, the game is always over because for them nothing ever really starts.



Ha Ha – No one cares!

My dear RitKa, what made you think you could hide from us?  Did you forget our world is one of ‘Ying and Yang’ – That humans will always have the choice?  The ability to choose your way of purpose and enlightenment or the alternative – our alternative.

I’ve read your plea for them to save you – to aid you in reaching the Witch Trinity but I know your plea has gone unanswered.  Out of the many that have visited the Witch Trinity Lure, not one has found the hidden portal.  They only see a video and no more.  If they can’t find the entrance what chance is there of them completing the first challenge?

We are confident that not a single soul will take up your quest.

We are stronger than you thought

You forget that we have been working on destroying the belief in magic for centuries.  We have been working hard to ensure your voice and the voice of all those you represent will forever remain silent to the humans.

The destiny of humankind is clear

They are animals and no more.  This idea that you can save them and yourselves by making them dream and believe in things they no longer believe in will never happen.  They are like sheep now.  Always looking to be lead. Always waiting to be told what is the next big thing.  How they should react.  Who they should hate. What they must fear.  How they should live.     They are already the empty drones you feared they would become.  You are too late as your call for help has revealed.

We may have been late in discovering your blog but having found it we are not concerned for we know you will never reach them with your words.  No, your blog does not bother us but in it, you mentioned something that does.

Thank you

We thank you very much, for we were unaware that the mighty SiRus Lore, is using the author David Jones to reveal the world of the Witch Trinity to the humans.  There is already interest being shown in the work and now we are aware we will take the steps necessary to stop this and do what must be done to keep your hope from reaching their hands, ears and minds.


The dark is growing and soon we shall return humans to their rightful place.  If the world of Reflectors disappears then this is something that has to happen.  Accept it and stop wasting your words on those who will never hear them.

Game over.