Trick or Treating is not what you think it is

Happy Halloween

As we approach the day you know as Halloween, you are probably preparing yourself to take part in one of the vast majority of the traditions commonly associated with the day. One of these traditions is something called Trick or Treating. Once it was adults and now it is kids, going from door-to-door, offering anyone that answered their knock the option to be tricked or to avoid it by providing a treat. A fun pastime but this was not always the case. Prior to the days of Samhain, often celebrated with the Celtic festival Samuin, meaning “summer’s end”, it was a pastime that many feared.

People would hide away in their homes dreading the inevitable door knock for good reason.


Summer’s end marked the dawn of the dark period when humans with the blackest hearts could be persuaded to become worshippers of the dark covens.  A knock would conceal a trick.  For those whose hearts were dark, it was a trick that would seduce them to open the door and in the moment when they glimpsed the face of those on their doorstep their soul would no longer be their own.  Families got torn apart on the night of Samhain.  Even today, the night of Samhain is remembered and feared.

It was the birth of The Witch Trinity that changed it all.  Taking away the powers from the dark covens ended their ability to control souls and with it the night of Samhain was destroyed.  The stolen where returned to loved ones and the celebration we know and love today is the only reminder of the sufferings that were endured.  No longer a day of dread the night is now a time of real celebration.  Tricks are now no more than things to entertain and treats are things of pleasure.

In need of a saviour

The Witch Trinity was a saviour to humanity then and we need it to be a saviour for us now.   The Witch Trinity is unaware of the danger us Reflectors face.  Our world is being stolen away by the dark and only believers can aid us in our quest to get the Witch Trinity to look in our direction.

I am happy to tell you that the great SiRus Lore has connected with the hidden three through the books being written by the author David Jones and the first book, Witch Trinity – The Calling Book One is now available for pre-order.  What this means is the portal is now open and true believers can start the quest to enable us to speak the words we need to the Witch Trinity.

Can you do it? – Click here 

Find the mark to enter the portal and then take the first challenge


The Witch Trinity Facebook can help a little but in the end, it will be down to you.

Hallow is the birth of the one that is three. Happy Halloween.


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